As a practical theologian, I often combine the use of social science research methods with theological reflection on contemporary Christian mission.

Current Research: Sustainability within fresh expressions of Church

As a member of Church Army’s Research Unit, I am leading on a (primarily) qualitative research project exploring the following questions:

  • What does it mean to talk of ‘sustainability’ within the context of fresh expressions of Church?
  • What encourages and inhibits sustainability within fresh expressions of Church?

This research is nearing completion and the findings are due to be published later in 2016.

Previous Research: The social engagement of UK charismatic-evangelical churches

My doctoral research explored the ways that UK charismatic-evangelical urban churches engage with disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods. It was part-funded by the Bible Society and supervised by Professor Chris Baker (University of Chester / William Temple Foundation). The written outcomes of the research include:

  • A short practitioners’ summary of the main research findings
  • A full-length thesis: Tensions in Charismatic-Evangelical Urban Practice: Towards a Practical Charismatic-Evangelical Urban Social Ethic (University of Chester, 2013)
  • A Grove bookCreative Tension in Urban Mission: Reflections on Missional Practice and Theory (Cambridge: Grove Books, 2015)
  • Various journal articles and web resources (see Publications list for more details)

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