Some of my recent publications and resources are listed below.


2015 Creative Tension in Urban Mission: Reflections on Missional Practice and Theory (Cambridge: Grove)


Journal Articles

2015 The faith sector, the state and the market: Entrepreneurship within new forms of Christian social action, People, Place and Policy 9.2
2014 Faith-Based Social Action Below the Radar: A Study of the Charismatic-Evangelical Urban Church, Voluntary Sector Review 5.1
2013 Living with Tension: Towards a Practical Charismatic-Evangelical Urban Social Ethic, Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics 1


Conference Papers and Presentations

2015 Sustaining Pioneer Mission – Workshop Presentation at Church Army’s National Gathering, Swanwick, April 2015
2014 Faith-based social entrepreneurship: The changing face of Christian social action – Paper presented at Sheffield Hallam University’s ‘The Third Sector, the State and the Market’ conference, Sheffield, October 2014
2014 Urban evangelicals and Missio Dei – Paper presented at the University of Chester’s ‘Missio Dei: Evangelicalism and the New Politics’ Conference, Chester, June 2014
2013 From the Descriptive to the Normative – Paper presented at the international Symposium on Ecclesiology and Ethnography, Durham, September 2013
2013 Charismatic-Evangelical Churches and Urban Theology – Paper presented at the Institute for Contextual and Urban Theology, July 2013
2013 Transforming Communities: Theological Reflections on Charismatic-Evangelical Urban Practice – Paper presented at the Westminster Theological Centre Kingdom Theology Conference, June 2013
2013 Inter-Disciplinary Research with Charismatic-Evangelical Urban Churches – Paper presented at the University of Chester Faculty of Humanities Postgraduate Research Symposium, May 2013
2012 Joining in or Going it alone? Charismatic-Evangelical Churches and the Wider Voluntary Sector – Paper presented at the NCVO / Voluntary Sector Studies Network Research Conference, September 2012


Web Resources

2013 Guest series on Creative Tension for the Livability Community Engagement blog
2013 Holistic Mission and the Church of England:  A Response to Respublica
2011 The funding game and the path of integrity – Article for the Community Mission website (Tearfund / Livability)


Theses and Dissertations

2013 Tensions in Charismatic-Evangelical Urban Practice: Towards a Practical Charismatic-Evangelical Urban Social Ethic – DProf Thesis,  The University of Chester
2002 The Involvement of New Forms of Church in the Regeneration of Deprived Communities – MSc Dissertation, Sheffield Hallam University



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