My key skills are around qualitative research, project management, and facilitation. And over the years, I have used these to help lots of charities, social enterprises and faith groups with short-term consultancy projects. This has included work around:

  1. Project research and feasibility (community audits, needs analysis, market research, stakeholder consultation, feasibility studies)
  2. Strategy and Planning (visioning workshops, organisational reviews, business plans, service development plans)
  3. Fund-raising (funding strategies, bid writing, tender submissions)
  4. Evaluation (programme reviews, project evaluations, design of impact measurement systems)
  5. Coaching, accompanying and facilitation (supervision, mentoring & coaching; systems development; partnership agreements; away days and consultation events)

I don’t do so much of this kind of thing now because I’m concentrating primarily on theological education and research. But I’m still open to further conversations. So if there’s anything here which is of interest to you, please get in touch.




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