Tensions in charismatic-evangelical urban practice

Here is the first of a series of short papers summarising the findings of my Doctoral research on the way that UK charismatic-evangelical churches engage with disadvantaged neighbourhoods. It is written with a view to making the research findings available to a wider audience than the academic one for which my 50,000 word thesis is intended.

This summary has been prepared with Christian urban mission practitioners in mind. Here, I describe six tensions that seem to characterise contemporary charismatic-evangelical urban practice. I then go on to articulate a theological response to these tensions. This I present as a creative response which is both consistent with charismatic-evangelical convictions and open to insights from other traditions.

Rubber band ball

In future papers, I plan to draw out the implications of the research for various other audiences, both Christian and secular. Although I have now submitted my thesis (awaiting viva), I still see this as a work in progress. Therefore, any feedback and comments will be gratefully received.

Tensions in Charismatic-Evangelical Urban Practice: A Summary for Christian Urban Mission Practitioners


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